Essex Fire and Rescue unifies communications

02 November 2023

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) has chosen Motorola Solutions’ command centre technology, including Control Room Solution (CRS) for its call handling and emergency dispatch capabilities. The solution supports ECFRS in handling incoming emergency calls from the public and responding to incidents.

Motorola Solutions’ Control Room Solution provides a unified system for emergency call handling, incident command and resource deployment, with an intuitive and highly configurable user experience. It also enables flexible operational practices to support collaboration and mutual assistance between fire services during spate conditions, where a large number of calls are received simultaneously.

“When an emergency call comes in, our priority is to assess the risks and get a response team to the incident as quickly as possible,” said Becky Sutton, station manager for control, ECFRS. “Our control room team needs tools that enable them to effectively take calls and deploy resources, so they can focus on gathering real-time information from the caller and offering life-saving advice. This is vital to ensure our teams can prioritize emergency response and keeping the public safe.”

“Control room operators at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service face complex workflows and significant amounts of data, managing situations where every second counts,” said Fergus Mayne, U.K. and Ireland country manager, Motorola Solutions. “Working closely with fire services, we continue to innovate to bring intelligence to the forefront when and where it is needed.”