NHS Trust reduces data loss by 99%

06 November 2023

NHS Norfolk Community Trust has reduced incidents of connectivity and data loss issues for doctors, carers, and nurses, with Absolute Software by 99%.

The trust has a team of over 800 nurses which visit more than 8,000 patients every day. The one-to-one care system enables the tailored healthcare solutions for vulnerable and elderly patients. However, 3G and 4G connectivity issues and data loss challenges meant that over 600 incident reports were being logged every week.

In many cases, nurses found that data would regularly be lost and often spent valuable time logging back into the secure network. The mobile solution designed to help them was becoming an hinderance, both for front line staff and the back-office IT team. The Trust was routinely receiving over 600 incident reports every week, costing time, money and interrupting critical care programmes.

Following a review of IT solutions to tackle the problem, the Trust chose Absolute Software Secure Access to improve connectivity and free up nursers to concentrate on patientcare.

The product ensures that even when there are mobile connectivity dropouts, applications and crucially, data access is maintained. Patient records are updated immediately, and nurses can focus on care and not reporting technical connectivity issues. Incident reports have now dropped from 600 per week to just six, a reduction of 99%.

“Our hardworking health professionals deserve the very best IT at their fingertips so they can make accurate decisions and focus on patientcare. Connectivity issues were becoming a major hinderance and we needed a strategic IT solution that could resolve the problem effectively,” said Paul Walsh, infrastructure consultant, NHS Norfolk Community Trust. “After an extensive review, we chose Absolute because when connectivity matters there is no other solution which does so completely what they do. The solution has transformed they way we operate, minimising downtime and setting nursers and carers free to concentrate on delivering better services to the community.”

“NHS Norfolk Community Trust does a fantastic job providing first class healthcare that was being disrupted by regular connectivity issues. The Trust took decisive action to free up frontline staff by working with Absolute, slashing incident times and enabling a faster, more effective service for its patients,” said Andy Ward, VP, international, Absolute Software.