OMNIA: democratising the cybersecurity and SD-WAN markets

08 August 2023

OMNIA is a total solution democratising SD-WAN, cybersecurity, and layer 4 data encryption in one fully integrated product. It keeps customers connected and protected, making their data entirely worthless to cyber-criminals. OMNIA empowers everyone from sole traders and SMEs to enterprises and corporates to have protection at governmental and security forces levels at a breakthrough price and PAYG, OPEX and CAPEX payment options.

According to Anthony Senter, CEO, OMNIA has been designed as a total solution that addresses the needs of every modern business. Affordably priced and with payment options including PAYG, OPEX & CAPEX, means even sole traders and SMEs can now afford world-class network, security and data assurance technologies.

“That said, many of the technologies that make up OMNIA are stand-alone products, which can be integrated into our customers’ businesses as and when they want, enabling them to ‘scale-up’ to the full solution as and when they wish,” said Senter.

Today, every business needs to be online and needs to be secured against the ever-growing cyber threats. Some businesses don’t have the necessary IT teams or skill inhouse, especially SMEs – OMNIA allows everyone, from a WFH consultant, to a local estate agent with a few branches, all the way to national or global enterprises - to have the services they need, services that were previously only available perhaps to governments and military forces.

OMNIA is made up of different components, so each solution can be customised to include the required services from day one or might want to seamlessly add in at a later stage. OMNIA features always-on multi-link connectivity, dynamically controlled by next-gen Atomius SD-WAN - sub-second link failover means voice or video session will not drop, and intelligent per packet steering adjusts to changing conditions to ensure application access and hence user experience and productivity, is the best it can be. Also included are super-secure SASE cyber security frameworks – with solutions from some of the biggest and most trusted security names on the planet. Data assurance uses layer 4 encryption, while SD-WAN Cloud is included for in-country gateway and multi-cloud access. SASE Remote–multi-link deviceless SD-WAN with ZTNA SASE integration allows remote and on-the-move teams, while the powerful VENA & VECTA range slashes the number of hardware appliances to a single uCPE, reducing device management power consumption and cost.

“And our teams are ready to design, install, integrate, manage and support the solutions our customers need for their business, whilst we upskill IT teams via an on-going, collaborative working relationship,” adds Toby Sturridge, CTO.