SDWAN Solutions announces expansion into APAC with IPDC Singapore

20 February 2023

SDWAN Solutions announces expansion into APAC with IPDC Singapore

SDWAN Solutions announces expansion into APAC with IPDC Singapore

SDWAN Solutions, a leading global network technology and security company, announce investment in their SDWS Group and regional growth into Asia. IPDC (Singapore) and SDWAN Solutions will be opening an office imminently in Singapore, taking their operations further afield from the UK, Brussels, and South Africa.

“Our growth strategy has always been to ensure the latest network and security technologies are available to every business regardless size, location, and industry, therefore keeping everyone connected and protected. With our new head office in Singapore via our partnership with IPDC (Singapore) - an already a trusted managed security service provider across the entire region - we will reach that goal even sooner,” said Anthony Senter, co-founder and CEO. “I have known the founder of IPDC in a professional capacity for 15 years, having worked on numerous network and security projects previously. The levels of trust and respect in our respective skills, knowledge and experience is already in place, meaning our collective vison is fully aligned. We’re extremely enthusiastic about the future and are jointly working exciting new innovations in our R&D labs in London, Brussels, and Singapore!”

SDWAN Solutions is a fast-growing specialist SD-WAN and SASE managed service provider company. The team comprises recognised thought-leaders and true experts in their field being the only company on the planet with two double accredited SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts. They’re also known as disruptive innovators with a comprehensive range of world-first innovations and routinely beat the tech giants to market, which is what attracted founder of IPDC, Pek Loon Tan, to investing in the first place.

“I’ve watched Anthony and his partners journey over recent years with great interest,” said Pek Loon Tan, co-founder of IPDC Singapore. “They are consistently innovative and have an exceptional ability to provide solutions that deliver exactly what individual customers and businesses need. Being ahead of the curve, in terms of both products and service, is what made them our first choice when looking for a mutual collaboration for technological advantage and excellence.”

“We’ve been approached several times over the past few years by companies seeking to invest, or acquire our unique product and skills set,” said Toby Sturridge CTO and co-founder. “IPDC was the first company with total professional and personal synergy, aligning our growth strategy and vision with theirs. This partnership delivers true collaboration on a global scale, ensuring everyone, every business of every size and regardless of geography, has access to the very latest network and security technology that will enable them to thrive.”

“For SD-WAN Solutions it is very much business as usual throughout the investment and growth period and daily operations. The only changes are not more of the same but more of the more! Accelerated product growth will bring benefits to our customers and the industry as a whole,” said Senter.