Interxion hit with London outage

08 February 2022

Data centre operator Interxion suffered an outage at its London site January 10, with no service from its LON1 data centre for several hours.

The incident is understood to have started just after 6pm, with a loss of power at the LON1 site in the capital’s East End, which is located near to the financial district and the “Silicon Roundabout” tech hub in Shoreditch.

According to reports, users complained the company provided no updates during the outage.

Interxion later confirmed that its Hanbury Street facility “experienced a critical power interruption, which impacted some of the mains control equipment and caused outages across the services in LON1”.

It added that it apologised to all its customers and partners affected and for difficulties communicating during the outage.

“A full investigation is underway to determine the root cause of the interruption, the findings of which will be used to ensure an even more resilient infrastructure in the future,” Interxion. “We remain proud of our reputation for global reliability and availability and have maintained five nines uptime over the past 14 years.”