'Three in four contact centres concerned about cybersecurity'

04 January 2022

Contact centres are concerned about cybersecurity

Contact centres are concerned about cybersecurity

Three in four (60%) of UK contact centre businesses lack confidence in their remote IT security, despite it being a critical priority in the pivot to full time remote working.

That is according to research conducted by Exponential-e, the specialist in connectivity, cloud and unified communications solutions in conjunction with ContactBabel.

Following recent government guidance to work from home ahead of Christmas, 75% of UK companies with remote contact centres also expressed concern about potential IT breaches connected with remote working, meaning the latest transition of employees back to home environments poses a major security challenge.

The study revealed 61% have not been fully able to replicate their internal IT systems and procedures in a remote working environment. Data handling breaches by remote working agents are the cause of greatest concern according to the findings, with 82% of respondents worried about the severe consequences they could incur, namely legal recourse, damage to reputation and punitive fines.

However, half (50%) of the businesses surveyed believe replicating internal IT systems and procedures in home environments would allay these concerns and increase their confidence in introducing remote working policies on a permanent basis.

“For today’s consumers, loyalty and data security are directly interlinked. If firms can’t be trusted to handle and secure customers’ data, then they simply won’t get their business," said Suzette Bouzane Meadows, contact centre/UC lead consultant at Exponential-e. "It’s that simple."