English councils deploy IoT in houses

19 January 2021

Local authorities in Leeds, Richmond and Sutton are advancing their use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in up to 1,000 council homes to better support residents and make services more efficient.

In Leeds, for example, Home Link has secured a 12-month project with Leeds City Council to install environmental sensors to measure temperature, humidity and CO2 in social housing.

Around 50 properties will also get technology for the remote monitoring and management of fire and carbon monoxide alarm systems. This second phase of the project, which is funded through a £500,000) GovTech Catalyst investment, follows an initial pilot where sensors were installed in six properties.

Meanwhile, Sutton and Richmond councils are deploying in-home sensors to improve the safety of vulnerable residents living in council houses. The technology monitors residents and provides carers with early alerts on issues such as potential accidents or declining health.

The councils, as part of the InnOvaTe project together with IoT Solutions Group, are piloting 200 in-home sensors across Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) and Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) properties.

No visual or audio recording takes place and no personal data is collected, the project partners said.