South East Water unlocks the benefits of cloud and machine learning with CTS

12 January 2021

South East Water signs new deal with CTS

South East Water signs new deal with CTS

Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) has secured a contract with South East Water to digitally transform its CRM system, My Account, as part of the organisation’s five-year strategic plan.

The project will see CTS migrate My Account to Google Cloud, in a bid to imprive customer service operations and driving innovation by teaming with CTS’s developers and platform engineers. The migration will allow South East Water to make use of Firebase – a Google platform that enables businesses to build their own apps – improving communication and interaction with its 2.2 million customers.

CTS will also deliver a full change management service to ensure a smooth transition to Google Cloud. Once migrated, CTS will build functionalities into South East Water’s CRM systems to enhance the customer service experience, a key aim of the five-year strategy, and automate operational processes where feasible.

Mary Sabalis, head of business systems at South East Water said: “Our business plan over the next five years is centred around innovation and optimising customer interaction. Technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be key to us achieving this. We knew that moving to the cloud was the most important step in the journey to unlock a number of doors in the way we work internally and externally, and it will allow us to be creative in how we communicate with our customers.Creating the infrastructure where our customers can report a leak using their phones, and having Google Cloud’s ML technology automate the workflow, will play an important role in how we optimise operations. It will allow us to free up our customer service teams so they can focus on more detailed queries.”

CTS is one of Europe’s largest dedicated Google Cloud partners.