Warrington Council picks Pulse Secure to streamline secure access

14 April 2020

The DXC team transitioned the council’snetwork from Juniper SAs to Pulse PSAs in atwo-day, on-site implementation project“with minimal interruption” to services

Town Hall, Warrington 

Pulse Secure, the software-defined secure access solution vendor, has delivered a project at Warrington Borough Council (WBC), “designed to help deliver taxpayer value” and workforce flexibility through secure network access.

The council’s Juniper VPN technology and RSA two factor authentication were ready for replacement, so the council put out a tender inviting vendors to propose new technology to deliver secure, selective access to its network for third party associates. It required a secure access platform that could initially support 100 licenses, with the potential to scale to meet changing demand while offering easy ongoing management.

WBC tested the proposed solution before selecting Pulse Secure “as the best fit” for its needs with DXC, a Pulse Secure Elite partner selected as the solution provider including a three-year contract with built-in software and service support. The DXC team transitioned the council’s network from Juniper SAs to Pulse PSAs in a two-day, on-site implementation project “with minimal interruption” to user services. Now, the council said, it can provide reliable and secure VPN access for its entire direct and indirect workforce, making remote and mobile working easier. “I was really impressed with how DXC were able to implement our remote access solution, no impact to our customers, and no complaints either,” said David Gallear, technical lead (network), resources and strategic commissioning directorate at Warrington Borough Council.