Asian data centre giant targets Dublin

26 June 2019

Turn left for Ballycoolin

Turn left for Ballycoolin

Southeast Asian giant K2 Data Centres has submitted plans for two more large data centre buildings at Ballycoolin in northwest Dublin.

According to a report in the Times, K2 will invest hundreds of millions of euros in the project, which would involve building two three-storey data centres of almost 29,000 sq metres each. It already has a presence at Ballycoolin but wants to develop a “hyper-scale campus” in Dublin.

Part of the Malaysian-Singaporean Kuok Group, K2 has interests in food, property, hospitality, logistics and shipbuilding. In order to achieve its goal, K2 would demolish industrial units and then build the two data centre blocks, a two-storey office building, 32 emergency generators and create parking for 160 cars.

K2 is still awaiting approval from the Fingal County Council. Meanwhile, another data centre planning application has been submitted to the same council from US-based MIK Developments.