Businesses face 'real-time' view tech assets problem

25 June 2019

Bandwidth close up

Bandwidth close up

Businesses need a “real-time” view of their technology assets, but a lack of skills and budget available is holding them back, new research has found.

According to a report by commissioned by Nlyte Software and conducted by Sapio Research, 80% of technology asset decision-makers have revealed that a lack of technology asset management is a key business issue for the C-suite. The study further found that almost two thirds (61%) of business leaders see a need for a real-time view of their technology and software assets.

Elsewhere, a third (37%) of respondents said they believe they could save 20% of their budget by remediating underutilised software, while 39% said they could save their IT delivery teams six to 10% time in daily business operations – but only if they had a real-time view of the situation. “We know that understanding of technology asset management (TAM) is on the rise, but the adoption and discipline of organisations needs to be higher if they want full control of their assets,” Robert Neave, co-founder, chief technology officer and vice president of product management, Nlyte Software told Networking+.

“We’ve extended our offering across the TAM landscape to serve enterprises by allowing them to make more informed choices by understanding what ‘normal’ and ‘better’ looks like. Asset control came out as a top five priority according to 96% of participants in this independent survey, yet it still isn’t being implemented across the board. TAM simplifies this process by combining and consolidating information from across the enterprise on the state, location, health, security and effectiveness of technology assets, bringing order to the chaotically grown compute infrastructure. For enterprises, this functions as a single source of truth for the business to manage this part of its operations that the rest of the organisation relies on."