Infrastructure must keep pace

05 April 2024

Tim Sherbak, enterprise products and solutions, Quantum

AI’s influence is pervasive and undeniable. It is weaving its way into every industry sector and reshaping the fabric of our daily lives. From chatbots that can solve customer queries within minutes to autonomous vehicles and facial recognition, this ever-advancing technology is helping propel society towards a new future.

Yet, for its full potential to shine, robust infrastructure to support high-performance AI workloads and computing is paramount. AI requires high-calibre systems designed to bear the weight of intense workloads and store the vast amounts of data required for AI model training. A computer can only ever learn from the data you give it – the more data, the ‘smarter’ the machine. One of the biggest challenges is storing and managing this expanding volume of data. Deleting data is simply no longer an option because organisations never know when it will be useful in the future. Before widespread AI usage, this level of retained massive data sets for analysis primarily existed in high-performance computing (HPC) environments. However, the advancement of AI has now brought this infrastructure challenge to any organisation wanting to capitalise on the potential of AI, essentially turning every kind of organisation into a HPC environment.

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Transforming communication across critical sectors

04 April 2024

Luke Wilkinson, managing director, Mobile Tornado

Born in the midst of World War Two, the walkie talkie has a rich and colourful history; still remaining a renowned technological device even today. However, the push-to-talk (PTT) technology behind it is still not well-known, and even less well-known are the transformations that took the two-way radio and made it the basis for communication across various sectors. Over the last decade, as cellular network infrastructure improved, push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) became viable and revolutionised long-distance communication as we know it.

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The future of the digital stadium

04 April 2024

Stadiums are going digital, with AI, VR, AR and a near limitless and growing demand for connectivity placing new pressures upon the networks…

Once upon a time, stadiums and theatres were a simple thing, a place to view a sports team, a musical, a gig from your favourite performer. While AV equipment, CCTV, etc. have always had their place, for the consumer, such sites would feature bathroom facilities, food and drink stands, merchandise shops, and not a lot else – maybe not even cellular coverage.

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Accelerating ERP-cloud adoption in the public sector

03 April 2024

Don Valentine, commercial director, Absoft

Digital transformation deadline
Local authorities are facing growing pressure to accelerate digital transformation programmes. Budgetary demands are making it imperative to explore the power of technology to automate processes, improve efficiency, and enable effective service delivery. Local authorities also require far more insight into both the value of budgetary spending and their progress towards net zero targets. Many organisations must upgrade or change their existing on-premise ERP solutions before the software falls out of support.

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