Managing a retail network

08 December 2023

Craig Smith, technical account manager, Highlight

Retailers have undergone a huge technology shift where there is now a constant need for connectivity and the management of these networks is more critical than ever.

There are three fundamental components for a retailer’s network: a functioning Local Area Network, an efficient WiFi system, and, most importantly, a router to provide store connectivity. Whilst a service provider will embellish this with lots of additional features, it’s these key services that hold the greatest significance.

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42% of businesses to upgrade connectivity

05 December 2023

Neos Networks’ ‘UK Business Gigabit Connectivity Report’ finds that the business appetite for high-capacity connectivity is set to support the next surge of digital investment.

42% of UK businesses regard moving to higher capacity connectivity in the next two years as key to growth plans — rating it either ‘integral’ or ‘greatly important’ to their future success.

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Renfrewshire Council’s WAN undergoes modernisation

05 December 2023

Commsworld is set to complete the migration and transformation of Renfrewshire Council’s Wide Area Network (WAN) as part of its £15 million contract to upgrade and modernise the council’s digital connectivity and services.

The WAN transformation, once finished, means that Commsworld has rolled out a radical upgrade of connectivity across the entire council estate, providing much wider and better bandwidth across all sites. This includes 180 council buildings such as schools, local libraries, and community centres as well as the region’s CCTV and traffic control systems.

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Apricorn highlights government cybersecurity shortcomings

04 December 2023

Apricorn has announced further findings from FoI responses from local authorities and government departments into their cybersecurity practices.

The results highlighted a worrying trend in their attitudes towards cyber insurance and a lack of policy or even plans to adopt cyber insurance in the future.

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