Free upgrades for AKCP sensorProbe+ SP1+ and SP2+ systems

17 May 2024

AKCP has announced a free upgrade for their sensorProbe+ SP1+ and SP2+ environmental monitoring systems.

The upgrade, from Basic to PRO, provides users with extended features ideal for monitoring more complex server rooms and data centres, giving access to thermal cabinet mapping, IPV6, SNMPv3 and VPN communications and user accounts. 

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SD-WAN deployments to enhance connectivity to cloud

03 May 2024

GTT Communications Inc. has announced the results of a new study that shows current SD-WAN deployments are mainly driven by the need to optimise network connections to cloud-based applications (86%) and improve overall security posture (81%).

The findings underscore the strategic importance of SD-WAN in enhancing connectivity to cloud services and ensuring access to critical resources supporting productivity and operational agility, while bolstering cybersecurity measures against ever-evolving threats.

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Abzorb transforms Norfolk County Council’s network

02 May 2024

Abzorb has developed and delivered a £1.2 million network transformation project for Norfolk County Council (NCC) that reduces costs while increasing performance and security across 221 sites.

It developed a unified software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) solution that enables NCC to use the most cost-effective connectivity provider at each site with monitoring and visibility delivered in a single platform.

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Foundational technology skills named critical need for enterprise

01 May 2024

Pluralsight’s 2024 Technical Skills Report, which explores how organisations can leverage technology to drive business value in a world where budgets and headcount are decreasing and technology is evolving at a rapid pace, finds that foundational technology skills are the most critical need.

The results were unanimous across markets and career levels: cybersecurity, cloud, and software development, which are considered the most imperative tech skills to learn, are the top areas where skills gaps persist. Cybersecurity and cloud have been named the two largest skill gaps since 2021.

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