Cornerstone and Signify partner on Outdoor 5G and IoT Neutral Host platform

13 May 2024

Cornerstone has joined forces with Signify in a new partnership to put luminaire technology into lamp heads on streetlights to build a new Outdoor 5G and IoT Neutral Host platform in urban areas.

The new plan aims to meet growing demand for digital and data connectivity in urban areas by deploying an outdoor Neutral Host platform and using Signify’s luminaire technology, allowing communities seamless access to public networks.

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Will today’s networks hold back the progress of artificial intelligence?

07 May 2024

Richard Brandon, VP strategy at RtBrick

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the talk recently, and adoption into daily work life is something that is taking off globally. The UK has already shown its interest in being a global leader when it comes to AI research, as it hosts the AI Safety Summit in November. In 2023 alone, we’ve seen a 48% increase in searches for various AI platforms in the UK.

Clearly the level of interest in AI has grown drastically recently, however before we get ahead of ourselves with AI innovations, it is important to consider the basics and remember that to achieve the required processing speeds, AI can demand a significant network capacity. For AI to realise its full potential as a valuable tool in the workplace, networks must possess the capability to dynamically adjust to various real-time situations.

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UK’s smart devices to adhere to minimum security standards

01 May 2024

New government regulations mandate that all internet-connected smart devices, spanning from phones to TVs to smart doorbells, adhere to minimum-security standards by law, aimed at shielding consumers and businesses from cyber threats.

This initiative, spearheaded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, the National Cyber Security Centre, the Office for Product Safety and Standards, along with the efforts of Julia Lopez MP and Viscount Camrose, marks a pivotal moment in safeguarding against cyber criminals.

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Vodafone’s 3G switch-off boosts 4G/5G coverage and performance

22 April 2024

Streetwave and the Northumberland County Council (NCC) have released the findings of a study that monitored the effects of Vodafone’s recent 3G switch-off in the region. The study found this resulted in a small-modest boost in 4G/5G coverage and mobile broadband performance.

Vodafone largely completed the process of switching off its old 3G network in February 2024.

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