It was the autocorrect, your honour

20 January 2021

With pressure on employees to work harder and faster, it’s easy to think you’ve sent an email to the right person, to then realise you’ve sent it to the wrong person. But for the legal profession, the stakes are much higher. It’s not just a simple mishap to send an incorrect email, or attach the wrong document, it could spell disaster.

By their nature, law firms deal with sensitive and confidential information daily, including client financial data and insurance claims, which is subject to strict compliance and regulatory requirements. The fact that law firms rely on email to share data with relevant parties is a risk in itself – documents covered by legal professional privilege that are accidentally emailed to the wrong person could constitute a breach of confidentiality.

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English councils deploy IoT in houses

19 January 2021

Local authorities in Leeds, Richmond and Sutton are advancing their use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in up to 1,000 council homes to better support residents and make services more efficient.

In Leeds, for example, Home Link has secured a 12-month project with Leeds City Council to install environmental sensors to measure temperature, humidity and CO2 in social housing.

Around 50 properties will also get technology for the remote monitoring and management of fire and carbon monoxide alarm systems. This second phase of the project, which is funded through a £500,000) GovTech Catalyst investment, follows an initial pilot where sensors were installed in six properties.

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18 January 2021

Sunbird has developed a complete solution based on feedback from customers that supports agile remote management.

Among its features is the ability to remotely view data centre sites in 3D, visualising all assets and physical connections.

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In the era of 5G, data is the key

14 January 2021

Gerhard Fourie, district channel manager for Commvault

Gerhard Fourie, district channel manager for Commvault

Convergence is nothing new, however as technology evolves this is being taken to unprecedented levels. The cloud, the endpoint, the edge and now 5G are converging and changing the way we collaborate, connect and communicate. However, for telcos and operators, adapting to a 5G world can be a challenge. Not only does it involve new infrastructure, but it also means adapting business models, embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and potentially developing entirely new revenue streams. At the heart of the ability to leverage 5G effectively lies data, which must be portable, protected and above all available for analysis. Data is the key to unlocking the value of 5G for operators.

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