Telent delivers critical comms for North West 200

17 May 2024

Event organisers, media broadcast outlets, on-site emergency services personnel and visitors will all continue to have access to reliable connectivity at the largest outdoor sporting event in Ireland for the next three years.

This is thanks to a contract extension awarded to Telent to provide the voice and data communications infrastructure for the North West 200, with their successful collaboration set to span two decades.

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Sepura scores contract for 11 English NHS Ambulance Trusts

14 May 2024

Sepura has been awarded the contract to supply the Department of Health and Social Care via the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme, its next generation of hand-portable mission critical communications devices for frontline ambulance staff across England.

The contract will enable 11 English NHS Ambulance Trusts to benefit from the very latest broadband technology which addresses the need for optimum performance across the testing environments and working practices of ambulance staff including front line clinicians.

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BT signs 10-year deal with Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police forces

10 May 2024

BT has signed a 10-year partnership, worth £70 million, to upgrade the IT and network services of both the Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police forces.

The two forces currently handle more than 1 million emergency and non-emergency calls and respond to more than 118,000 incidents of recorded crime each year.

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Government device losses raise concerns

09 May 2024

Apricorn has announced findings from annual Freedom of Information (FoI) responses into data breaches and device loss within government departments.

The results highlight an alarming number of customers potentially affected by breaches declared to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) by the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) during 2023.

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