Norfolk Fire & Rescue deploys ESN-ready mobile solution

22 April 2021

Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service has deployed an Emergency Services Network (ESN)-ready mobile data terminal (MDT) solution across its fleet of 66 vehicles, using Panasonic devices and Cradlepoint giagabit-enabled rugged LTE routers.

The fire service has deployed Panasonic Toughbook 33 tablets in the front cabs of its fire appliances as mobile data terminals (MDTs) and Cradlepoint NetCloud and IBR1700 Series routers for 4G LTE connectivity via EE, Vodafone and the forthcoming Emergency Services Network. 

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Integrated Data Center Management for Dummies

30 March 2021

Now available 

Now available 

IDCM Integrates BMS, ITOps, and DCIM

IDCM is the integration between Building Management Systems (BMS) also referred to as Building Automation Systems (BAS), DCIM solutions, and IT operations.

This single pane of glass allows for the precise coordination between various responsible groups to manage and optimize resources including: servers, chillers, power distribution, and more within the data centre and the application workloads running there.

This book explains the importance of IDCM, describes the key components of the architecture and guides you in a step-by-step formula for a successful IDCM implementation.

Because this is a For Dummies book, you can be sure that it’s easy to read and has touches of humor.

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Protecting your corporate network

09 March 2021

Many large businesses spent last year wishing they had been better prepared: for the pandemic; for dealing with political uncertainty; and for increasing and changing security threats. 

Corporate IT teams have had particular cause for concern. A 2020 report by Verizon discovered over 70% of data breaches involved victims that were large organisations, and most of these breaches were found to be perpetrated by external actors. In other words, cyber attackers are targeting corporate firms and, more often than not, succeeding. 

Financial reward continues to motivate many attackers. But advanced threats also pose risk to the deep wells of data large businesses are amassing. Much of this is sensitive data, resulting in multiple negative consequences when those wells leak or are infiltrated. 

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How you move to the cloud matters

25 February 2021

Greg Zweig

Greg Zweig

In days gone by, when disaster loomed, the townsfolk would be encouraged to ‘head for the hills’. These days businesses set their sights a little higher and seek the protection of the Cloud to safeguard their networks.

The global pandemic proved that this was the right move, and companies that invested in cloud-based Unified Communications or cloud-based contact centre services before 2020 were much better placed to enable their remote workforce to stay connected to customers and remain pro-ductive as compared to companies with a traditional PBX or premises-based contact centre.

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