Box boosts cloud security with automated classification

11 September 2020

Box said an “intelligent, automated classification” will soon be added to Box Shield, the firm’s advanced security solution for protecting content in the cloud. 

It will now automatically scan files and classify them based on their content to help businesses detect and secure sensitive data. Box Shield is the fastest growing new product in the company’s history and security-conscious and highly regulated organisations including NASA use it to secure data in the cloud. 

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'IT decision-makers accelerating digital transformation due to disruption caused by Covid-19'

25 August 2020

New research has found that UK IT decision-makers (60%) are accelerating the speed of digital transformation as a direct result of disruption to their workforce caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the vast majority (77%) of UK IT decision-makers would have accelerated digital transformation sooner if they were aware of the full impact it could make on their organisation in just a few months.

The findings, a result of research commissioned by online fax solution, eFax, also found that half of all IT decision-makers (51%) believe if more budget had been available for digital transformation, then their organisations would have been encouraged to accelerate digital transformation sooner, whilst two in five UK IT decision-makers (41%) believe more buy-in from leadership would have encouraged their organisation to accelerate digital transformation initiatives sooner.

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Puppet DevOps adds module support, patching automation

05 August 2020

DevOps software provider Puppet has updated its Puppet Enterprise infrastructure automation platform, with capabilities including access to pre-built modules as well as patching task automation.

Version 2019.8 LTS lets customers use thou- sands of open source and Puppet-built mod- ules in the Puppet Forge catalogue to manage Plans, which enable running a series of tasks through a single command in the Puppet Enterprise console. Users can expand automation to more far-reaching infrastructure use cases, mixing and matching imperative tasks with declarative model-based automation.

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‘Remote working gives hackers new opportunities’

21 May 2020

The mass move to work from home during the coronavirus crisis has created openings for hackers, according to global cyber security experts. 

Employees have been told to stay at home to work and study because of the coronavirus pandemic, but using their laptops and accessing company data will only encourage hackers to exploit sensitive information belonging to the likes of the NHS and giant corporations.

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