New hard drives from Toshiba

08 July 2021

New hard drives from Toshiba are the company’s first to feature energy-assisted magnetic recording. This, it says, raises the capacity of each of the nine disks to 2TB for a total of 18TB – 12.5 per cent more than the previous models.

Helium sealed, the MG09 range features what Toshiba describes as Flux Control - Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR).

They are said to be compatible with the widest range of applications and operating systems and are adapted to deal with mixed random and sequential read/write workloads.

Toshiba says its new drives offer lower capital costs – leading to reduced total cost of ownership – for use in on-premises rack-scale operations and cloud and hybrid-cloud use.

With a form factor of 3.5in, able to fit standard bays, they are said to deliver 7200rpm, with a 550TB per year workload rating, and a choice of SATA or SAS interfaces.