08 July 2021

Designed to be affordable, StorCentric has introduced an entry level model in its Violin QV series of all-flash NVMe storage devices.

It says that the QV1020 has the best price/performance ratio and offers fast response even during peak processing.

And it is said to increase application availability and resiliency and ensure protection from outages.

The new unit offers a maximum usable capacity of 116TB and maximum effective capacity of 464TB. The earlier QV202 has a claimed maximum usable capacity of 479TB and 1.7PB of maximum effective capacity.

Both models, says StorCentric, owe their performance to Flash Fabric Architecture (FFA) that gives them high bandwidth and IOPs at consistent low latencies.

It says they offer 99.9999 per cent uptime; data protection with snapshots to enable complete recovery; deduplication for data reduction; web-based management; and data allocation, which writes to the NVMe SSDs are balanced across all drives for better performance. storcentric.com