17 June 2021

Kstar says its IDU micro data centre is a new generation of alternative solution to small IT room, with complete integration of a “dynamic environment monitoring system, power supply, distribution systems, battery, cooling system, cabinets and containment and the hot aisles and cold aisles are isolated to lower PUE to 1.3.”

It is designed to meet the IT room infrastructure optimisation needs and mainly used in small- and medium-sized enterprises, microenterprises, large enterprises, governments and other branches in finance, education and energy industries. Kstar reckons “the forward-looking enterprises have realised that the intelligent single-Cabinet IT room (micro data centre) with high reliability and availability is the future trend” from the perspectives of both current short-term investment and future long-term operating costs.

The micro data centre can be used in the application that the cabinet is within 10 and total load is less than 40kVA. 

Other key features are quick deployment and the fact it’s energy-efficient.  nkstar.com