16 June 2021

Delta InfraSuite is a new generation, “highly-integrated modular data centre solution”, the company says.

It uses racks as the data centre carrier and fully integrates all sub-systems including UPSs, cooling, power distribution, lightning protection, fire control (optional), wiring, airflow management, intelligent monitoring, and more.

Delta’s modular data centre solution offers a data centre environment that provides safe equipment operations within the racks and supports the development and standardising of micro data centres that fit into racks.

In addition, Delta InfraSuite takes up very little space, allowing quick deployment within a limited space, and it provides 10 types of solutions that require 20kVA power supply capabilities.

Delta InfraSuite can be applied in micro data centres under 50 square meters or with an IT load under 20kVA.

It is suitable for regional or small business environment IT applications. It terms of its “advantages”, Delta cites the fact the Infrasuite supports the highest Class-A availability level, the fact it has highly-reliable emergency cooling and its “distributed control increases reliability”.