Infovista Ipanema SD-WAN platform allows critical applications to adapt to real-time conditions

25 August 2021

Network solutions vendor Infovista launched its next generation Ipanema SD-WAN platform, designed to deliver different workloads and applications across conventional wide area networks and multiple cloud service providers.

The company said the service “delivers the truly software-defined benefits of allowing critical applications to dynamically adapt to the real-time conditions of the network while prioritising the prevailing business imperatives”. It also provides the foundation for any managed network service, leveraging high levels of automation established between multiple cloud instances and multi-cloud on-ramp features.

Ipanema SD-WAN’s functions are delivered through partnerships with Check Point, a cyber security firm serving 100,000 organisations of all sizes across 88 countries, and Equinix, the digital infrastructure company – a colocation and interconnection provider with over 220 data centres across five continents.

Integrations with Equinix and Check Point form a full cloud-native SD-WAN platform licensed through a consumption-based model, enhancing business agility and time-to-market requirements. Furthermore, this platform encompasses Equinix Fabric, a software-defined interconnection solution that fuels ‘CloudMesh’ functionality, focused on delivering automated low-latency full-mesh and multi-cloud connectivity.

The Ipanema SD-WAN platform also comprises Check Point Harmony Connect, a cloud-based networking security system which lays the foundation for ‘EdgeSentry’ capabilities.

“Our next generation SD-WAN platform is a definitive cloud-first enabler,” said Kristian Thyregod, president of Ipanema, Infovista. “This is more than a ‘feature release’ because with this launch, we shift SD-WAN to a truly on-demand service that can be deployed, consumed, and scaled like any other cloud service.”