Vipre releases latest cybersecurity defence bundles

11 May 2021

Vipre UK & Ireland has released its latest cybersecurity defence bundles, providing businesses with protection at their core, edge or across the entire business network. 

The latest packages marry the essential security foundations of e-mail and endpoint protection with the emerging necessities of security awareness training, web access control, protection from misaddressed e-mails, multi-layered DLP and cloud-based VPN.

“The cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, and as the ongoing pandemic presents even more opportunities for hackers to strike, businesses need to implement the right solutions to strengthen their cyber defence strategy,” said Andrea Babbs, UK general manager, Vipre Security. “A cyber aware culture with the right technology is crucial, and we aim to support organisations with a more comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security. With over 25 years of security expertise and one of the industry’s longest-standing and experienced vendors, we want to help our customers on this journey to gain more from their security solutions. These elements cannot be considered in isolation, but instead as part of a journey for additional protection.”

Vipre’s security suites are available at three levels: core defence, edge defence and complete defence.

The former helps to protect the heart of a business’ network. This includes endpoint security with the added benefit of web access control and business cloud VPN, securing organisations’ networks, while reducing device and employee downtime if servers and workstations are targeted by ransomware and phishing attacks. The edge defence bundle protects the boundary of the organisation at the edge of the network, where employees use email to communicate with the outside world. The offering also includes additional elements, such as advanced threat protection and SafeSend DLP, aiming to build a smarter, safer workforce kept safe from misaddressed email and data loss.

The latter bundle protects an organisation’s entire network of devices, email, people and data, by not only encrypting, scanning, and validating email contents and recipients, but also enforcing acceptable use policies to reduce complaints and legal threats. This security suite of solutions brings all the advanced security solutions together, forming a 360 defence strategy.