Assured Data Protection launches new XDR Service

22 April 2021

Assured Data Protection (ADP) has launched its eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) service, providing enterprises and MSPs with a fully automated and managed XDR solution powered by Confluera. 

The service delivers XDR across multiple data streams and complements existing cloud data backup and recovery systems to provide pervasive cloud data management.

ADP already delivers enterprise-grade data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity as a service. Having signed a partnership agreement with Confluera, it has added advanced threat detection and remediation to its extensive data protection portfolio. 

The XDR service enhances enterprise data protection capabilities and integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s data management infrastructure. 

It can be deployed as enterprise software or as a managed service, either in the cloud or as an on-premises solution, depending on business requirements.

ADP enables businesses and MSPs to actively manage and monitor all data activity across their IT and cloud infrastructures via a single management interface.

This new XDR capability will provide more comprehensive data protection. It allows enterprise businesses and MSPs to pinpoint and track data breaches as they happen. The service will also alleviate pressure on security operations and eliminate the need for IT teams to retrospectively identify and track threats. 

“We are data protection specialists so it was only natural that we would eventually provide our customers with smart threat detection and response,” said Simon Chappell, CEO, Assured Data Protection. “Every day we help our customers recover data in the event of system failures, or damages to software and hardware. We’re now able to extend that service by helping customers to mitigate the impact of data breaches in real-time, all under the umbrella of data protection. We’re excited to share this with our customers and our MSP partners to create new data protection ecosystems that incorporate XDR.” n