Eutelsat launches UK satellite broadband

15 January 2021

European space operator Eutelsat said its new all-electric (propulsion) broadband satellite, Konnect, is now serving the UK.   The internet service provider which offers fixed broadband access services, currently up to 100Mbps.

Paris-headquartered Eutelsat said businesses in the UK unable to access terrestrial broadband connectivity through traditional means can now enjoy superfast satellite broadband, no matter where they live, via the Eutelsat next-generation Konnect satellite.

This new service is provided by Eutelsat’s new direct operation, which, like the satellite, is also called Konnect. It offers packages specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses and institutions currently operating beyond the reach of fibre. 

“Connecting reliably to broadband, particularly in rural areas, has been a real pain point for internet users in the UK including those who can’t access services from terrestrial networks,” said James Soames, marketing director Konnect Europe. “With the huge switch to working from home this year, this kind of fast, affordable and easily available service is needed more than ever.  This new launch offers connectivity for everyone to superfast broadband packages wherever you live.  It opens up exciting new opportunities for anyone struggling to achieve a reliable internet connection, whether for business or pleasure.”

Eutelsat said the service is available now in the UK through a growing network of channel partners. It is also available in other European countries, as well as Africa.