BearingPoint//Beyond, IoT.nxt partner to help CSPs launch and monetise 5G/IoT solutions

20 November 2020



BearingPoint//Beyond, a digital platform solution provider, and IoT.nxt, an  Internet of Things (IoT) platform and hardware provider, have partnered to help communications service providers (CSPs) launch and monetise new vertical offerings at speed and at scale.

By integrating BearingPoint//Beyond’s digital marketplace solution with IoT.nxt software and vertical solutions, the partnership will enable CSPs to sell, provision, abstract data and monetize a growing number of 5G/IoT solutions.

With 72.8% of CSPs believing most of their 5G revenues will come from B2B segments according to a recent study, it is imperative that CSPs will serve enterprises and SMBs with vertical solutions integrating connectivity with IoT and Edge technologies. But the challenge is, that often CSPs do not know where to begin. This partnership was created to provide the launch pad to help CSPs close that gap, giving them the confidence to move up the value chain and start selling 5G, IoT and Edge-led solutions to enterprises and SMBs. 

Using the BearingPoint//Beyond digital marketplace solution, CSPs can sell and monetize new, attractive, integrated, easy-to-buy, easy-to-consume solutions. IoT.nxt’s out-of-the-box and configurable vast vertical use cases library, with its intelligent field gateway Raptor and its Commander platform, then furnishes CSPs and their enterprise customers with hundreds of end-to-end use cases that, along with connectivity, are ready to be developed, buy, resell and consume.